Where you can enjoy our ‘captured moments’ and use our photography to be transported to places of beauty and tranquility…….. you won’t be disappointed!

More Than ‘Just’ A Photographer

At Capture Scotland Ltd we are proud to focus on the works of Scott Broadley. He is not only a phenomenally skilled photographer, but he also has the ability to transport you to better days, happier places and through his work you are able to forget about the day to day stresses brought by ‘life’.


As a Photographer Scott is happiest when ‘capturing’ the most scenic sights Scotland has to offer. Which is evident from our gallery pictures…… please have a look at his amazing work which also features his digital painting.


Commercial Photography is fairly new to Capture Scotland Ltd’s repertoire. However, it is something that we are growing from strength to strength in doing, with our photographs helping to have launched several new businesses. Scott is able to ‘capture’ your brand dreams, hopes and ambitions through photos which can speak a thousand words…….. question is can your business pass on this opportunity?


Tours are available on a ‘bespoke’ basis. You contact us and we will discuss with you want you would like and we will do our upmost to facilitate these requirements. Imagine going to see first hand some of the wonders that Scott has ‘captured’ in his images……..

Scott Broadley

“If I can teach 3 people photography, and those 3 people can teach 3 people and so on and so on, then the circle of ‘life lessons’ that photography has taught me will be passed on forever and therefore never ending.”

Julie Harrigan
Administration for CS

“To be part of Capture Scotland Ltd is an honour. Being able to watch someone as skillful and as talented as Scott create his work is a sight to behold. There’s nothing more satisfying when you see the effect his work has on people. His photos certainly speak a thousand words.”

Note; Scott & Julie both have the ‘quality’ of a ‘very strong work ethic’, in which they believe that hard work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue and value which has strengthened their characters since starting Capture Scotland Ltd. Their promise is to you the client that you would see this ‘quality’ Capture Scotland Ltd prides itself on first hand, if given the opportunity to work with you in any form.

Out of tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow…..

Get in Touch

Reach out so we can either provide you with amazing pieces of photography for your home, place of work or for a gift. Alternatively so that we can work together in providing you with photographs which can help to improve the appearance or style of your website or promotional material for your product.






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Julie (first contact) 07765056948

Scott 07886558421

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